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Stock Pictures Maranhão Images - JOURNALISM,

It is a Image Bank of photojournalism and general images that contains numerous photos taken in various parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe.

The Image Bank is composed of several themes, such as: political, social and religious manifestations, nature and the daily life of small and large cities in Brazil and around the world.

If you do not find the desired image, we ask that you contact us by phone or email so we can do a customized search, according to your needs. Please note that due to space limitations and network access, not all images are available online. We can also produce the image you need in case it can not be found in the Image Bank.


We offer image assistance, journalistic content, photographic and cinematographic documentaries and we are always ready for special assignments, besides having a team of smart people in general layout.


Stock Pictures Maranhão Images - COMPANIES,

Professional photos for your company !!

We serve bars, restaurants and the food industry. If your company is in need of these services please contact us and make your budget. We work with elaboration and layout for your advertising, like Releases, Flyers, Banners and Menu. We have different plans for companies that constantly change the menu of the house.

Photo session for foodstuffs!


- Need professional photos for making menus?

- Do you need photos of your establishment to advertise or for your company?

-Do you need to decorate the establishment with photographic frames to harmonize the environments?


If your company is in need of any of these services, please contact us and make your budget. We have different plans for bars and restaurants, which constantly change the menus of the house. We have an Image Bank with more than 70,000 selected photos, which we put at the disposal of our clients and a virtual gallery of photos to be able to offer decorative pictures for the decoration of your work environment. We work on the spot, taking our clients to our portable studio for "Still" food photos or if you prefer depending on the product we can also take the product to be photographed in our studios.


Stock Images Maranhão Images - INSTITUTIONAL,

We have professionals specialized in serving the big companies and their needs, such as; Coverage of institutional events, Business fairs, Coffe Break, Lectures, Workshop, Executive photos, Aerial photos of plants and industrial complexes. For Agro business and Hotels, we rely on Drones to make the images both in photo and video.

Port of Santos - Brazil Photo: Mauricio Maranhão / APP- Alliance Photo Press

Why choose our company?


Why we work, above all with ethics, principle and very professionalism. Our mission is very simple:

It is to be a reference in the management and production of images through the efficient perception of the needs of our customers, speed and agility in the execution and quality in the delivery, offering the best cost / benefit.

We believe in our values

• Transparency

• Dedication

• Quality

And undoubtedly much work with professionalism, especially these days, in which, several professions are very subjective!

Pharmaceutical industry Photo: Mauricio Marnhão / APP - Alliance Photo Press

Customer and Partners:



Brief Company History


Stock Pictures Maranhão Images, was born in 1991 in Rome, Italy, where the journalist Mauricio Maranhão studied communication and graduated as a Bachelor in Communication with a major in Journalism, due to a need to attend some press and small press companies Artisans of the jewelry industry, so the first site called Maranhão Images was created, with the purpose of storing images for these clients to have their work available on the internet as virtual show room. What at that time was the most modern and clear quick to access from anywhere! Already at the end of 1995, when it was already formed, the founder of the site received an invitation from the Publik Forum Journal, a small newspaper in the region of Hessem in Germany to work as a fixed freelance. After the move to Germany the site was only to serve the clientele of Italian press office, because the work of Still, could no longer serve with the ease of before ... Over time, Of textbooks and has undergone several transformations and today, June 2017 is receiving another Upgrade and now has an E-Commerce system and will no longer have border problems ...

This is more or less our story.




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